Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Noah’s Eagle Project


Noah’s project is to create a trail linking the access driveway to the Lilly Weston House to the walking path at the Westlake Recreation Center. The Weston house is a historic house on Center Ridge Road, directly adjacent to the driveway of the Westlake Recreation Center. The project is in conjunction with the Westlake Historical Society and the City of Westlake. The trail is through a lightly wooded area.

The Weston House property is owned by the city, so the Westlake Service Department has cut down trees along the path, and will grind out roots and stumps as well as removing the top layer of soil. At one end of the trail there is a small drainage ditch. Westlake will provide a culvert pipe which we will cover over with gravel/chippings. They have also sprayed the area for poison ivy.

The path will be made out of concrete road chippings (the gravel-like grindings from road paving projects) which will also be provided by the City. The Scouts will shovel, move, and spread the chippings along the trail. The basic tools needed are: shovels, wheelbarrows, and heavy rakes. The more wheelbarrows and shovels, the faster the project will proceed.


The driveway on the Weston House property is a single lane that is in need of repair. Parking is possible but logistically difficult if someone needs to leave and there are several cars behind them. At the present time the city has barrels blocking the driveway a few yards from Center Ridge, so parking may not be possible except for a couple of cars.

The best option is to drop off Scouts and equipment at the site, then park in the Recreation Center’s playground parking lot and walk back to the site.

Work Dates

The project was heavily dependent on the Westlake Service Department’s schedule, and could not begin until the trees/soil were removed and the chippings delivered. We have blocked a bunch of dates because we didn’t know exactly when we could begin. It is very likely some dates won’t be feasible, and others will be canceled. Sorry for the confusion, but it all depends on the city’s schedule.

Confirmed Work Dates

  • Monday, 9/4 (Labor Day) – 10AM – 4PM

Tentative Dates – TBD

Times to be determined.  This just a ‘heads up.’

  • Saturday 9/9
  • Sunday 9/10
  • Saturday 9/16
  • Sunday 9/17
  • Saturday 9/23
  • Sunday 9/24