Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Popcorn 2017

Popcorn Selling Season Is Here

The Council has listened to the feedback provided by Scouting units and COMPLETELY REVISED the popcorn funding mechanism. In a nutshell, the program is MUCH SIMPLER than in previous years. There will be more details forthcoming, but here are some highlights:

Only THREE ITEMS to sell

  • Caramel Corn
  • Microwave Butter (6-pack)
  • Donation to Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Only ONE price point

  • $10 for each product, period.

Larger Variety Online

  • A larger lineup of products will be available for online sales.
  • Scouts can have their own personal selling page at
  • Scouts will be credited with online sales through their page, with the Troop getting commission

No Order Forms

  • The sale is all “show and sell,” which means we order the product up-front so the Scout has product to sell immediately.
  • The customer hands you $10, you hand them the product.

Highest Commission in the Country

  • Troops will now make 50% COMMISSION, which is the highest popcorn commission of any Council in the country.
  • $5 from every $10 item sold will be returned to the troop.
  • In the past, popcorn was a 33% commission to the troop.

Simple is good…


We need a new “Popcorn Kernel” to manage this program (which is really not very difficult). I have been the Kernel for many years, but Noah is turning 18 in October and another parent must take over this task. I still plan on being involved in the Troop, but I need to step back from popcorn. WE NEED YOU! I am more than happy to assist and advise, so you won’t be without support. This is Scouting after all, and as Mr. Campbell says, “we always have our wingman.”

Thank you!

~~ Mr. Furin

Scout Selling Tips

  • ALWAYS wear your Field Class “A” uniform. Everyone loves to support a Scout in uniform.
  • ALWAYS sell in pairs or with an adult. Never sell after dark.
  • ALWAYS act like a Scout and be polite and courteous. Wear a smile and introduce yourself.
  • ALWAYS walk on the sidewalk and driveway, not through the yard. Watch for traffic.
  • Never enter anyone’s house.
  • Make sure you know the different types of popcorn you are selling.
  • Be sure to tell the customer how the money will be used. (1/2 to the Troop, 1/2 to Lake Erie Council & cost of popcorn)
  • The more people you ask, the more you will sell.
  • Place popcorn sale articles in your school, church and community bulletins/newsletters.
  • Remind your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbors what a great gift popcorn makes
    for teachers, friends, co-workers, etc.
  • Tell them why you are selling.
  • Let them know how good the popcorn is.
  • Say “Thank You” even if they don’t buy anything.