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Summer Camp 2012

Last Year

We are going to Camp Beaumont in 2012. We leave and return from Spruce Parking lot at 12:00 noon on Sunday, July 1st and will return on Saturday, July 7th at noon.

All Health Forms must be completed before we leave the parking lot on Sunday.

I will post pictures on Face Book during the week for those who wish to keep up with the activities.

Scouts at summer camp like to receive mail so parents might want to pre-mail (before we leave) fun letters for your scout to get at Summer camp. Unless it is an emergency, please do not call scouts. Scouts that are on their first trip away from home tend to get weepy if they get too much contact from home. Letters are great (it’s that low technology thing).

Parent night is Thursday @ 6:00pm. The cost for dinner will be posted when we receive it. Check the Blog for updates.

Below are some links to help with summer camp. Call Scoutmaster Campbell if you have any other questions or concerns.

Packing for Summer Camp

Travel to Camp Beaumont

General information on Camp Beaumont