Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Meeting Note & Popcorn Prizes

Tonight’s meeting will be back at Spruce School as usual.

The North Olmsted High School Marching Band annual banquet is also being held tonight, so many of our Scouts who are also in marching band will not be at the Scout meeting. I will also be missing the Scout meeting, so if you have popcorn money to turn in please keep it until next week. I will not be there to collect it.

I need to have Popcorn prize orders by Saturday, November 15th so I can place the order on Sunday. Since I will not be at the Scout meeting tonight, you will have to let me know your prize order via email ( or by phone (440-777-4918). Scouts eligible for prizes are shown below. Note that you need to have sold at least $90 in product to be eligible for a prize.

Anderson, Ryan: Level 2
Becker, Derek: n/a
Bencia, Anthony: Level 6
Daniello, Jayden: Level 2
Duncan, Lucas: Level 5
Dunn, Colin: Level 4
Dzurik, Marty: n/a
Furin, Noah: Level 6
Haas, Robert: Level 3
Hopkins, Aedan: n/a
Schultz, Carl: Level 4
Sherman, Chris & Kevin: Level 4

If you don’t have the prize brochure you can download a copy of it from our site:

You can select ONE prize for the level shown, or mix and match prizes from lower levels. For example, if you sold $550 you can select a prize from the $550 level, or you can select 1 $375 prize and 1 $175 prize, or you could select 3 $175 prizes, etc.

~~ Mr. Furin