Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Reminder: Popcorn Prize Orders

So far I have only heard from ONE Scout about their popcorn prize selection.  Please let me know ASAP!

I need to have Popcorn prize orders by Saturday, November 15th so I can place the order on Sunday. You will have to let me know your prize order via email ( or by phone (440-777-4918). Scouts eligible for prizes are shown below. Note that you need to have sold at least $90 in product to be eligible for a prize.

Anderson, Ryan: Level 2
Becker, Derek: n/a
Bencia, Anthony: Level 6
Daniello, Jayden: Level 2
Duncan, Lucas: Level 5
Dunn, Colin: Level 4  — Got yours Colin — Thank you!  -Mr. F.
Dzurik, Marty: n/a
Furin, Noah: Level 6
Haas, Robert: Level 3
Hopkins, Aedan: n/a
Schultz, Carl: Level 4
Sherman, Chris & Kevin: Level 4

If you don’t have the prize brochure you can download a copy of it from our site:

You can select ONE prize for the level shown, or mix and match prizes from lower levels. For example, if you sold $550 you can select a prize from the $550 level, or you can select 1 $375 prize and 1 $175 prize, or you could select 3 $175 prizes, etc.

~~ Mr. Furin