Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

We Are Hosting Pack 153 Webelos Tuesday

Reminder for Tuesday’s Meeting

We will be hosting the Webelos from Pack 153, so everyone should plan on attending. At last week’s meeting our Scouts prepared a program for the Webelos that involves some first aid, and a few Scouts were tasked with bringing some items to the meeting.

As a reminder, they are:

  • Ryan Anderson: Poles (to make a stretcher)
  • Shermans: Sheet
  • Derek Becker: Antibiotic and Soap
  • Aeden Hopkins: Band-Aids

Scouts will also be teaching a couple of knots to the Webelos, so be sure to brush up on your knots skills! There is a fairly large number of Webelos that may be attending, so plan on dividing into smaller groups for each skill. Troop 664 Scouts will take the lead in each small group.

See you Tuesday!

~~ Mr. Furin