Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Marty’s Eagle Project

From Marty:

Here is the info:
Project Location: Bretton Ridge Basketball Court located at Bretton Ridge Park in North Olmsted. The development is located at the corner of Stearns and Lorain. The Park is located off of Christman drive, which is across the street from the new fire station. The basketball is in the very back of the park, past the playgrounds.
Day 1: 6/10/15 5 PM – ?
  • The plan for this day is to power wash and clean the court really well. We will also need to clean the weeds out of the cracks fill the cracks and tape off the lines.
  • *If anyone has a leafblower (gas powered preferably) please bring it.
Day 2: 6/11/15 5pm – ?
  • The plan for this day is to seal the court with the asphalt sealer. Please wear old shoes and clothes, as it is liable to be a messy day.
Day 3: 6/14/15
  • The plan for this day is to finish up the white lines and hang the new basketball nets and rims
Marty Dzurik