Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

All Scouts Weekend Update from Ms. Riddlebaugh

Troop 664 traditionally holds a Court of Honor and family potluck during the All Scouts Weekend campout. This year it will be held on Saturday, June 9, 2012 in North Olmsted Park with the dinner beginning at 6 p.m.

and the ceremony around 7 p.m. The troop provides the main dish (turkey cooked at camp), beverages (bug juice and water), and plates/cups/bowls/plastic silverware/napkins. Please arrive a bit before

6 p.m. with the dish you are sharing and two serving spoons or forks for it as needed. It is a good idea to bring folding chairs as well. We may also need additional folding tables – ask Harry Barnes or Jeff Campbell about this. Below is a suggestion of what to bring based either on what you said you would bring in past years, what someone who has moved on brought in earlier years, or what you told me you could bring if I happened to manage to catch you at the park at the Memorial Day ceremony.


Anderson – dessert


Beatrez – out of town


Becker – chips, Fritos, and/or similar munchies


Bir – rolls & butter, cheesy potatoes


Campbell – dessert


Carlton – buttered corn


Chalker – fruit


Davies – green beans or similar


Duncan – brocolli salad


Dunn – dessert (brownies?)


Furin – out of town


Haas – baked beans


Johr – stuffing


Meike – raw veggies such as carrots, cucumber, etc. and dip


O’Halloran – pasta salad


Phillips – sheet pizza


Riddlebaugh – brownies or cookies


Schultz – fruit at wedding, Riddlebaugh will bring instead


Sherman – mashed potatoes


Telzrow – dessert


Venkatasubramaniam – vegetarian dish


*/Questions about food part or if you won’t be attending – call Becky Riddlebaugh at 440-235-0211 before next week’s meeting so we can adjust food. /*


Just as a reminder, boys should wear their class A uniform (Scout shirt, neckerchief and slide, “dress” (khaki type) shorts or pants, dress shoes or hiking boots) and moms should remember their red ribbon. (Moms – ask Harry Barnes or Jeff Campbell if you haven’t yet received your red ribbon.)