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Popcorn Prizes — Selections Due!

I need to have Popcorn prize selections by 5PM Sunday, November 8th so I can place the order on Sunday evening. You will have to let me know your prize order via email ( or by phone (440-777-4918). Scouts eligible for prizes are shown below. Note that you need to have sold at least $75 in product to be eligible for a prize.

If I don’t hear back in time I will have to pick something on your Scout’s behalf and it will be a ‘surprise’ for him.
Bencia, Anthony: Level 3
Daniello, Jayden: Level 2
Duncan, Lucas: Level 6
Dunn, Colin: Level 6
Furin, Noah: Level 6
Haas, Robert: Level 4
Hopkins, Aedan: Level 2
Sherman, Chris & Kevin: Level 4

If you don’t have the prize brochure you can download a copy of it from our site:

You can select ONE prize for the level shown, or mix and match prizes from lower levels. If you choose to mix and match, the total of all prizes cannot exceed the value of the level show by your name.

For example, if you qualify for a level 5 prize, you could:

  • Select 1 prize from level 5 ($275), or
  • Select 1 prize from level 3 and 1 prize from level 2 ($125 + $75 = $200), or
  • Select 3 prizes from level 2 ($75 X 3 = $225).
  • You may not select a prize from level 4 and level 3 because the value of those prizes would be $300, which is higher than your qualifying level.

If you have any questions please contact me.

~~ Mr. Furin