Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Parent / Son Camping — Reminders

The Parent/Son campout is a ‘relaxed’ weekend. We play board games, cards, go sledding/hiking (weather permitting), and generally have fun. We do allow electronics on this campout. If you have a game you’d like to share please bring it along. If you are musical and would like to bring an instrument please feel free! Don’t forget to bring your sled.

The troop will be leaving (“wheels up”) from Spruce School at 6:30PM on Friday.

For adults going winter camping at Beaumont for the first time:

  • Parking is not near the cabin. Everything needs to be carried.
  • The cabins are heated by a gas furnace and wood burning stoves.
  • The cabins are not insulated, so temperatures can vary depending how close you are to the stoves and/or the walls.
  • There is no running water inside the cabin in winter.
  • Bathroom facilities consist of a port-a-potty outside. It can get cold in there!
  • The cabins do have electricity. Phones and electronics can be charged.
  • There is no smoking in the cabin.

Adults and Scouts:

  • Be sure to bring along a pair of shoes for inside the cabin. The floors of Beaumont cabins are known worldwide as an excellent source of splinters, so we require scouts to wear more than just socks on their feet.