Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Reminder: Meetings Change to Ascension

Now that North Olmsted Schools are out of session for the summer, our meetings move to Ascension Church. Most meetings are held outside, but in case of inclement weather we move into the downstairs meeting room.

The uniform for summer changes to Class-B (see below). There is no need to wear your Class-A unless you want to. If you don’t have a Class-B shirt, ask Mr. Campbell.

If you are new to the troop, here is what we mean by Class-A and Class-B:


This is what you typically think of when you see a Scout. The formal definition is at this link:

Even though we’re not supposed to vary, we are lenient when it comes to the ‘official’ pants.

Shoes are either dress shoes or ‘trail’ shoes.


At Troop 664, the class-B consists of the ‘official’ 664 red troop T-shirt, or another 664 T-shirt (as occasionally provided by various camps we’ve stayed at). A Camp Beaumont or other BSA T-shirt works as well, but these are not as cool and stylish as Troop 664 gear. 😉

Pants can be shorts or long pants of pretty much any variety, although scouting pants look the snappiest.


Class-A uniforms are worn for all formal occasions, such as a Court of Honor, flag ceremony, Scoutmaster conference, Board of Review, etc. We wear Class-A during the winter months at meetings, but generally omit the neckerchief and badge sash. While at Summer Camp we wear Class-A for all meals (no sash or neckerchief)

Class-A shirt is always worn when traveling, no matter what time of year (minus the neckerchief and sash).

Class-B shirts are worn during the summer (after school is out), and all week during summer camp except as noted above. You will need several of them for summer camp (or your scout will be REALLY smelly by the end of the week). See Mr. Campbell if you don’t have a Class-B shirt.