Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Mr. Mortensen – Your New Popcorn Kernel

I wish to extend a huge ‘thank you’ to Mr. Mortensen, who has agreed to take over the popcorn fundraiser. He is the new Popcorn Kernel for Troop 664! I will proudly pass on my corn cob hat; I know he will wear it with pride!

As a reminder, the popcorn sale is very different from the way it was done in the past.

Help Mr. Mortensen Out

Scouts need to do some ‘up front’ planning.  We will be ordering popcorn in advance so you have the product to give to the customer as you are selling.  There will not be paper order forms as we had in the past, and there will not be ‘take orders’ where you take the customer’s order and deliver the popcorn sometime later.

In order to prepare, the Troop needs to estimate how much we might sell so we can place the initial order.  We can order multiple times during the sale, so if you underestimate that’s okay.  We can get more.  Please start thinking about how much you need to order now.  Mr. Mortensen will take over from here, so look for future communications from him.

~~ Mr. Furin

Summary of the New Popcorn Program

Only THREE ITEMS to sell

  • Caramel Corn
  • Microwave Butter (6-pack)
  • Donation to Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Only ONE price point

  • $10 for each product, period.

Larger Variety Online

  • A larger lineup of products will be available for online sales.
  • Scouts can have their own personal selling page at
  • Scouts will be credited with online sales through their page, with the Troop getting commission

No Order Forms

  • The sale is all “show and sell,” which means we order the product up-front so the Scout has product to sell immediately.
  • The customer hands you $10, you hand them the product.

Highest Commission in the Country

  • Troops will now make 50% COMMISSION, which is the highest popcorn commission of any Council in the country.
  • $5 from every $10 item sold will be returned to the troop.
  • In the past, popcorn was a 33% commission to the troop.