Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Derek’s Eagle Project – Work Day

The Project

Derek’s project will be building Ga-ga Pits at two Primary Schools in North Olmsted.

  • Forest Primary School
    28963 Tudor Drive, North Olmsted – Click for map
  • Spruce Primary School
    28590 Windsor Drive, North Olmsted – Click for map

The Principals have decided that only one post needs to be anchored, so we do not have to dig post holes for each of the corners.  Scouts will primarily be assembling the walls, although there may need to be some ground prep as well.  Tools will be provided by Derek.

What’s Ga-ga?

From Wikipedia:

Ga-ga (Hebrewגע-גע‎‎ literally ‘touch-touch’) is a variant of dodgeball that is played with one ball. The game combines dodging, striking, running, and jumping, with the object of being the last person standing. Players hit the ball at each other with their hands, and are eliminated if the ball strikes them on or below the knee. The game can be played by a group of individual players or with teams, as well as in one-on-one matches.

Ga-ga is played in an octagonal ‘pit’ which is a fairly large area made of low walls or fences.

Work Dates

Saturday, November 25 (this is the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend).

Meet at Spruce School at 9:00 AM to begin the project.  If time permits we will be heading to Forest School after lunch.  (Lunch will be provided.)  If additional work is required we will meet on Sunday, November 26th.