Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

It’s Recharter time again!

Mr. Anderson is handling our rechartering effort this year, and he needs to have everything up to date so everyone is set up properly for next year.  We are getting a late start this year due to factors beyond our control.  Please email as soon as possible:
1) If you are or are not going to recharter
2) If your contact information has changed, or if you want the contact information send to you to verify that it is correct
3) If you are wanting to subscribe to Boy’s Life magazine
Recharterinng fees and updates are due to Mr. Anderson by 12/15/17.  If there is an issue meeting the date, please call Mr. Anderson to make arrangements.
BSA maintains contact information for scouts.  Mr. Anderson will be sending out emails to verify that your contact information is correct.
Rechartering is $40 per Scout.
Boy’s Life magazine is an extra $12.
Rechartering is $3
5 per Adult Leader.
Youth Protection training must be up to date! If your training is expiring and has not been renewed you will not be able to recharter as an Adult Leader.
You can access training at myscouting .org
Please email or call Mr. Anderson if you are going to recharter and if you want the Boy’s Life magazine as soon as possible.  His contact information is shown