Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Important Updates – Please Read!

Summer Camp will be here before you know it.


An up to date Health & Medical Form must be filled out for each camper. All Scouts attending Summer Camp are required to have a valid BSA health form.  BSA health forms are valid for one year, so chances are you will need an updated version prior to Summer Camp. If you have not already done so, please schedule a physical with your doctor or health professional right away. Please don’t wait until the last minute! You can download a health form on the Forms Page on the troop website.

Be sure to allow plenty of time for a doctor visit so you meet the deadline.  Summer Camps are very strict about this rule.  They absolutely will not allow someone to attend if the form is not turned in.  We don’t want to have anyone turned away for lack of a properly filled out form!


What to Pack for Summer Camp

Be sure to check the camping page on our web site for suggested items to bring to summer camp.  One thing that is not on the list but should be is your MOSQUITO NETTING.  Beaumont is famous for its mosquitoes, and campers should bring netting to place over their cot.  You can find mosquito netting at camping stores, discount stores, or online.  Some sort of pole arrangement is needed to hold the net up, but if you don’t have anything Mr. Campbell usually has some cardboard.  (Bringing your own is better.)

Several of our Scouts have used home-made PVC pipe arrangements that can be re-used year after year.  You can cut the pipe to various lengths, and use connectors and end-caps to assemble the posts.  (End caps prevent snagging of the netting.)  Long cable ties work great for attaching the poles to the cot legs.

Don’t forget your rain gear!

Summer Meeting Location and Frequency

Now that school is out for the summer we meet at Ascension Church.  Ascension is located on Lorain Road across from North Olmsted park.

Summer uniform is Class-B.

We continue to meet every Tuesday until Summer Camp.  After summer camp is over we meet every other week until school is back in session.