Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Popcorn “Show & Deliver” Product

The troop pre-ordered a few containers of the most popular popcorn products.  Mr. Anderson was kind enough to pick it up at the distribution center so we have it on hand.  Having some actual product is very helpful in case you have a customer who can’t wait until the popcorn is delivered in November, or if you want to take along a container to show when you’re selling.

There is a limited supply of the following:

  • Classic Caramel
  • Butter Microwave
  • Butter Light Microwave

I will bring them to Tuesday’s meeting.  Remember, you don’t have to pay for the “Show and Deliver” popcorn right away, but it will be marked as having been issued to you.  You are still responsible for all popcorn issued to you.