Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

There Will Be Summer Camp – New Plan!

Summer Camp is a vital part of the Scout Program and we did not get to have it last year. There will be Summer Camp this year! Here is the update:

Assistant Scoutmaster Harry and I were on a 2 1/2 hour Zoom call with Heritage Scout Reservation about summer camp on Thursday and found out it is unknown if they are letting out of state residence into camp. With that being said, I called the Summer Camp Director of Beaumont (Phil — Our HERO), and he was able to get us in the same week, wall tents and gave us a credit for the deposit for summer camp! Thank you PHIL. So here is the facts as we know them now for summer camp with COVID restrictions:

  • Summer Camp is now at Camp Beaumont
  • Summer Camp cost is $380 (instead of $400)
  • Scouts must have a temperate check list from the prior two weeks and have that with them to turn in.
  • Standard BSA Medical form (Section A, B & C) must be completed
  • Every scout will have their own tent (either troop provided, camp provided – no Condo Tents please)
  • Every one will be responsible to provide transportation to and from Camp Beaumont. Scouts can car pool together but that is done privately.
  • We will still all start from the Spruce Parking lot and take temperatures before we leave.
  • Summer Camp goes from Sunday 6/27/2021 10:30am (Spruce Parking Lot) until Friday night 7/2/2021 @ 8:00pm (Beaumont)
  • Final Payment is Due – May 1st, 2021
  • First $100 Deposit is due – March 15th, 2021

We need to know numbers for Summer Camp. Even if you are not depositing money for summer camp, please let us know who is going ASAP! (This includes Adult Leaders).

Talk to you Tuesday,

Scoutmaster Campbell