Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Multiple Updates: Please Read All


As our Treasurer Jeanne Duncan outlined at the Court of Honor, the Troop is seeking input from parents regarding our funding plans for 2013-2014. During the regularly scheduled meeting this Tuesday, October 22, we will hold a special session for adults. We will go over our current financial situation and plan to discuss opportunities, suggestions, and ideas. The Troop is very much in need of funds, and we feel parents should be involved in these discussions. Please plan on attending.


Due to the bad weather this past weekend, and because many of our scouts were either on the backpacking trip, or helping with Ben’s Eagle Project, a prime selling weekend was lost. I will extend the deadline to next Tuesday, October 29th. That will give scouts and family one more week to sell popcorn. This means there is no “safety cushion” for late orders — I *MUST* turn in the order to the popcorn company after the 29th, so there is no opportunity for last-minute orders. Please don’t brush aside the popcorn sale! It is a crucial source of funding for the troop, allowing us to keep costs of camping down. Scouts receive a portion of the profits in their personal scout accounts which can be used to offset camping or Summer Camp fees.


Please add Thursday, November 7th to your calendar. This is the Kiwanis Spaghetti dinner to benefit the Troop. All scouts are expected to attend. We will be waiting on tables and helping with the dinner. (Kiwanis members will be doing the cooking.) All Scouts were given tickets to sell at the last meeting. This is an important source of funding to obtain new tents, and a way to show our support and gratitude to the Kiwanis–our sponsor organization.


The weather foiled plans for Ben’s project this weekend (at least on Saturday), and the project will require more work than originally estimated. Ben will provide an update with details, but there will be another weekend scheduled to finish the project. This is a very cool project involving the refurbishment of a model outdoor railroad at the Lutheran Nursing Home on Dover Road. Please keep this in mind and plan on helping if possible.