Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Camping Notes for D-bar-A

We will be leaving for the D-bar-A Scout Ranch at 9AM from Spruce School.  Please arrive at the school earlier (at least 8:45) so we can pack the gear into the vehicles.  The goal is to be pulling out of the parking lot at 9AM.

We should return to Spruce in the early evening of Monday, around 5PM or so.  The time is subject to change depending on when we leave Michigan, traffic or construction delays, etc.  Parents should look for text messages or wait for phone calls so you don’t spend all afternoon in the parking lot.

The weather at camp has been rainy and snowy.  The current forecast is for 20s and 30s in the day with a chance of rain or snow.  Temps will drop into the teens at night.  We will be in cabins.  Dress accordingly, and be prepared for muddy conditions.  Remember that Sunday and Monday we will be at the museum and Ford factory.  Scouts might consider bringing a second pair of shoes (that will not be full of mud or other barnyard substances) for the museum.

Check our website for the latest weather conditions.  On the Camping drop-down menu there is a new page called “Weather At Camp.”

For our new (and old) Scouts:  Whenever we travel the uniform is the Class “A” shirt (the uniform shirt).  This includes transportation in the car to/from the campout and while we are at the museum and factory.  You do not have to wear scout pants.  Jeans are fine.  Personal electronics are fine in the car, but not in camp.

See you Saturday!