Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Another Great Weekend to Sell Popcorn!

A Few Selling Tips

Remember to start your sales pitch by asking the person if they would like to support Scouting.  Don’t just say “do you want to buy some popcorn?”

If people object to the price, point out to them that it’s a fundraiser and that 2/3 of the money goes to local Scouting.

For example, if they buy a $20 box of microwave popcorn only $6.66 of that money is the cost of the popcorn. Over $13 goes back to scouting to pay for summer camps, equipment for the troop, and to subsidize the cost of campouts.

If they ask you if they can just donate something to the troop, the answer is “YES!”  Keep track of that money separately from your popcorn sales.

Be polite and ALWAYS say “thank you” even if they don’t buy.

Want more info?  Go to the Troop’s popcorn page.  Have a great selling day!

~~ Mr. Furin