Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Troop 664 Popcorn Pages & Links

Looking for more details on our popcorn sale?  Misplace the prize brochure?  Need another order form?  You can find all that and more on the troop ‘Popcorn 2016‘ page, which is now on the main menu of our site.

Do you have friends or family across town or across the country?  Can’t figure out when you’re going to get together?  Point them to  This link is to a special page of just Troop 664 popcorn without having to navigate the main troop site.

Are your customers experiencing sticker shock?  Remember to explain the rule of thirds!  One third of the price covers the cost of the product, one third goes to Greater Cleveland scouting (to fund camps and programs), and one third goes to Troop 664.