Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Any Popcorn Kernels Out There?

Parents of Younger Scouts in Troop 664:

I have been your “Popcorn Kernel” for the past six years, but this October my son Noah will be turning 18 and aging out of Boy Scouting. That means we need someone to step forward and take on the role of popcorn coordinator. It’s not difficult and all the work is concentrated in a small portion of the year. All you need are some basic organizational skills.

What the Popcorn Kernel does:

  • Attend a Kickoff/training meeting at the start of the popcorn campaign
  • Explain any new products to the Troop, give a little pep talk, explain some basic selling rules/guidelines, and distribute the sales materials
  • Receive order forms from Scouts; tally and organize the Troop’s order
  • Reconcile monies turned in by the Scouts to their order forms; turn checks/cash over to the Treasurer
  • Place the popcorn order (using the order software from the popcorn vendor)
  • Pick up the popcorn and store it for a very brief time at your house
  • Distribute the order to Scouts (they come to your house and pick up their order)
  • Place the prize order
  • Distribute prizes to Scouts

The popcorn sale is a vital fundraiser for the Troop. You can also reshape the job any way you see fit–there is no absolute formula. I’ve always done it alone, but you could enlist Scouts, another parent, etc.

Please consider volunteering for this position–we need your help.

~~ Mr. Furin