Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Mr. Furin’s Email Experiment

Hi Troop 664 Followers…

For years we’ve followed the policy to send TWO emails for every post we put up on our website. One of the emails is automated and is sent when the website software detects a new ‘post’ was published on the site. The other is sent manually by Mr. Campbell or myself using a different email tool. That policy stemmed from days long ago when the automated email was sometimes flagged as spam by email services and internet providers, so some people did not receive our email notifications.

In the meantime, email software and providers have become much more sophisticated, so I would like to see if the two-message solution is still needed.

This message will be sent twice, as usual.

If you only received ONE of the emails, please let me know. In that case we will continue sending out both notices. If you received BOTH emails, you don’t have to respond.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Mr. Furin