Troop 664 North Olmsted OH

Reminders for Summer Camp

Apologies for this very long post. Even if you’ve heard some of this before, please bear with me and read through to the end…

Please refer to the website for an extensive section on Troop 664 and Beaumont.


Sunday, June 23: We will meet at 10:30 in the Spruce parking lot.


Lunch is not provided on the first day of camp, since the mess hall is not fully operational until dinner time. Everyone needs to bring a bagged lunch from home.


Anyone planning on swimming (or taking a merit badge that requires swimming) is required to take a swim test, including adult leaders. Beaumont offers this on registration day (Sunday), which is by far the most convenient time to take it. Once the merit badge programs start, availability for the test is limited. We have found that if you come prepared on the first day you can take the swim test before we’ve even finished setting up camp. Wearing your swim trunks (or having them easily accessible in your gear) on Sunday is a great tip. (This test is not super rigorous, but lets the camp staff know if a person has basic water skills.)

If a Scout is taking any water-related merit badge, including swimming, they need to take this test.


The tents in camp accommodate two cots, which means there are only two Scouts per tent. This will be explained in detail at Tuesday’s meeting, but we want to emphasize this is not negotiable, even if your Scout has his two best friends in camp with him there are only two Scouts per tent. Parents might want to remind their Scout of this rule if they think it might become an issue.


Our policy on electronics was also explained Tuesday. In a nutshell:

  • Electronics are allowed while we are traveling
  • Electronics are not allowed in camp.


Make sure your Scout has his Class-A uniform (shirt AND NECKERCHIEF) for camp. We wear the Class-A shirt for meals and while traveling to/from camp. Neckerchiefs are needed if our Troop is asked to perform a formal flag ceremony during the week. In camp we wear Class-B (T-Shirt).


Note that some merit badges require prerequisites. If it’s possible to get any prerequisites done ahead of time, please do so. Otherwise your Scout may get a ‘partial’ instead of completing the badge. (Partials can be completed at a later date, but why not try to do it all at once?) A good resource for all types of merit badge information is The Boy Scout merit badges can be found at this link:

The program and merit badge schedules are on our website at this link:


Family Night is Thursday. Details will be coming soon about what parents/families can bring to contribute to our picnic-style meal on Thursday evening. This is similar to All Scouts weekend where the Troop provides part of the meal and families are asked to bring side dishes, deserts, etc.


We try our best to post photos of the camp experience on the Troop’s Facebook page so parents and family can see what we’re up to.


For parents of younger Scouts, Family Night can come with challenges. You should know that it is not uncommon for first-time campers to ask to go home on the evening of Family Night. They can be having the time of their lives, but when Mom or Dad shows up they can get emotional and want to go home. Several of our seasoned Scouts asked to go home on their first summer camp, and look at them now.

If you can resist the urge to give in to their pleading you will be doing them a service in the long run. Statistics show that Scouts who don’t make it through their first summer camp have a very high percentage of dropping out of Scouting all together. It is your choice, of course, but we encourage you to let them stay.

Here’s to a great Summer Camp 2019!

~~ Mr. Furin